WCC Choir 2011 Fall Concert - Durufle Requiem

These MIDI files all come from the Classial Music Archives. I have collected them using a "free login" that lets you download 5 files per day. You can collect files yourself, but you will have to wend your way through the procedure for establishing your login. I recommend you do that when you have the time, because there are thousands of classical music files available, and they can be used to produce sheet music, as well as serving as a superb medium for practicing and rehearsing, or even providing accompaniement for a solo performance.

To use a MIDI file in the ways mentioned above you will need a MIDI player. Good ones (Finale, Sebelius, Cakewalk) can cost a lot of money, but there are also a variety of free players available for download on the Internet (see below for a good free player). However, if you click on one of the files here (or its copy that you have downloaded to your computer) your media player will play it for you. To download, right click on the file, and then select "Save Target As...". Be sure to put the file in a folder you select or create (named MIDI or MY MUSIC etc) and note where that folder is located. All of us have stashed a downloaded file without paying much attention, and not been able to find it later.

David Siu was responsible for converting sections 3 and 5 into MIDI format. These MIDI files have not yet been tested (by me) to find out what tracks/channels contain the SATB vocal parts. This information will be collected and provided here at a later date.

The following is a free copy of Sweet MIDI Player from Roni Music, in Sweden. This MIDI player is for Windows, and you must download it and run it (a .exe program) to install the Sweet MIDI Player for Windows on your PC. To download, click with your mouse on the preceding link. This free version will not allow you to change or store a MIDI file, but it does allow "solo" and "mute" and "volume" control on each track, and most important "tempo change" specified as + or - percent. Try -20% for initial learning.

If you have an Apple MAC computer running OSX download Sweet MIDI Player for Apple MAC. For older Apple computers you need to go directly to the Roni Music website to download the correct version for your particular model of Apple. This will involve downloading a .zip file, unzipping it, and then running the setup program, which will install the MIDI player and put its icon on your desktop.

New additions: Here is the handout that was given out to the choir Wednesday Jan. 12, 2011, in case you lost yours.